Jane Russell Tour - Mar/April, 2007

Peter conducts the Glenn Miller and Tex Beneke orchestra, and accompanies Jane as she sings songs from her movies in six Performing Arts Centers across the Southland.

Peter is arranging/producing a new CD project for vocalist Ross Borden, entitled, "Freddie Bee Is Back"featuring songs from the 50's/60's in some unusual settings. Due out in July, 2007.

Released in Jan. 2007, song stylist Lois Mahalia's debut CD, "This Is Lois Mahalia" features some favorite songs from the American song book and original compositions by Peter.

Peter is currently in the studio working on two new CDs to be released in 2007, "The Songs That Worked For Me" featuring popular songs dating back to 1952 that were audience pleasers during his career - 72 in all! A 4 CD package.

The other project, "Who Is This Guy?" is a jazz flavored program featuring new songs by Peter including "The 11 1/2 Bar Blues", maybe the biggest breakthrough in jazz since "Take Five". Guests joining Peter on this CD are Jonathan Winters, Jane Russell, Lee Hartley, and the most unusual song stylings of the actor/singer/songwriter, David Rasche, currently residing and performing on the New York stage in addition to his movie work.

Peter and David team up in "The 11 1/2 Bar Blues" and "What Is Jazz" with hip, cool personas well intact.

At the Harbor on West Cabrillo Blvd., the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum will feature new artwork by Peter Clark during their Surf Exhibit fundraising Spring season - Sunday, April 1st, through Saturday, April 7th. An artist's reception will be held from 2 to 4 pm, Sunday, April 1st. and a silent auction of an original painting by Peter will be held to benefit the Museum. Light refreshments by "Dallas and Dana" will be served.

During the last year Peter has also found time (if you can believe it) to write several screenplays. The first is "Checkmate", a comedic farce based on the fundraising activities for a Santa Barbara cultural center. Most of the cast has been set and production is imminent. The other two screenplays he is currently finishing are "Summerset Road" an intriguing and mostly factual story dating from WWII, and "Mrs. Sutter's Garden", a romantic drama.

In March, 2008, he presented his annual "An Evening With Peter Clark" at SOHO Music Club in Santa Barbara featuring Ross Borden, Dennis McNeil, Jane Russell, Lois Mahalia, David Gonzales and Eddie Sledge! SOHO also presented "The Art Beat Of Peter Clark" during April/May. Also in April he accompanied Jane Russell in Phoenix at the Maricopa County Events Center. On May 15th, he leaves for Moscow, Russia for concerts celebrating "Peter Clark - Ten Years In Moscow." His new CD "Live In New York" will be released in June.

In May of 2008 Pater performed a one man show on board the Queen Mary 2 and accompanied Jane Russell for her performance. In London Jane and Peter gave two shows and then Peter visited his uncle Tony in Devon and his uncle Alan on the Isle of White.

He completed his new CD, "The Jazz Gene" with guest stars David Rasche, Lee Hartley and Jonathan Winters, and is currently finishing "The Songs That Worked For Me" which will be ready in the fall. A new album, originally recorded in 1970, has been remixed and mastered for BeatBall Music Group in Seoul, South Korea, has signed a deal to distribute the album in Asia.

In October Jane Russell and Peter returned to England for shows in London and Liverpool and a special tribute to Jane with many celebrities from both sides of the "pond" attending. In November Peter performs at SoHo Music Club and is a featured guest with jazz group "Vocalpoint" at the Marjorie Luke Theater in Santa Barbara.

A Comedic Farce



In the famously exclusive Montecito area of Santa Barbara, popular locations on Coast Village Road figure prominently in this story of intrigue, affairs, blackmail, kidnapping and murder, the perfect setting for the movers and shakers that inhabit this wacky spoof of the fund-raising world.  In other words – it’s just like your town! 

Carole Chalmers is the society diva of Santa Barbara.  A former centerfold and movie actress who is the widow of business giant Charles Chalmers III, she is raising $60 million for the new Santa Barbara Cultural Center.  Her close friends are flamboyant Billy Baxter, gay singer/ actor/society page regular and Terry T., her confidante and pilates instructor to the ladies that do lunch – among other things!  Carole is in a disposable relationship with boy-toy golf pro, Rick Woods, who is having big problems with his estranged wife, Dianna.

Steve Arpell is the top defense trial attorney in town who is in a hot and heavy affair with Beth Sanders who is married to leading broker/realtor John Sanders (Mr. 10%).  Steve’s second (trophy) wife is Jill Arpell who is on several charity boards, of course!  Steve’s son, Josh (from his first marriage), is involved with the Sanders’ daughter, Desiree.

Local architect, Robert Easton, goes toe-to-toe with the planning commission about the design of the Cultural Center.  Lazslo Poltar is a nutty documentary filmmaker who is constantly in trouble with any kind of authority.  He is in a kinky sexy-time with Terry T.

Carole accidentally catches Steve and Beth together, and having had the hots for Steve since their younger days, blackmails him into an affair.  Rick finds out and blackmails Carole.  Dianna finds out and blackmails Rick.  Rick gets greedy when he finds out about Steve and Carole, ups the ante and blackmails Steve as well for good measure. 

Debbie DuPont is a former actress/model who crossed paths with Carole in Hollywood and there is no love lost between them.  She is the society columnist for the Montecito Journal and married  (for the sixth or seventh time) to billionaire Lawrence LaRosa II who is ninety plus and in a wheelchair – but very much alive!  Carole schemes to get $10 million from Lawrence for the Cultural Center and hires old friend, Jackie Webb, to dig up dirt on Debbie DuPont.  Carole pounces, kidnaps Debbie Dupont and threatens to put pornos that Debbie made as a struggling young actress (boo hoo!) on the internet.  Lawrence is jazzed – and writes an even bigger check!

Steve and Carole decide that greedy Rick Woods has to go, but the plan goes awry and Carole delivers a dramatic death!  Steve and Rick panic and blame Dianna who is arrested for the crime.  But S.B. detective, Bumper Murphy, is suspicious and uncovers the plot.  Steve and Beth make their getaway, but meet an untimely end in a nice little surprise twist.


·      Dr. Toni Grant counsels Terry and Lazslo, who turn the tables on Toni!

·      Twin sisters of Carole and Terry show up and add some spice to the proceedings!

·      Wealthy collector Franklin H. Washington is his suave and street-cruising self!

·      The “Tarieta Verde Mariachi Group” cross-dressers add a little salsa to the mix!

·      Josh and Desiree cavort with their 18-20’s friends, and even pull off a little blackmail caper of their own!

·      Society bandleader, Chet DeMilo, and Debbie DuPont are having an affair – much to her husband’s delight!

·      12-15 famous stars of TV, music, and movies who quietly reside in Montecito will appear in cameo roles throughout the movie!