Recorded Compositions

Let's Love Tonight - Johnny O'Keefe, Festival Records
Don't Love and Run - Patsy Ann Noble, Capitol Records
Ten Pin Bowling
Don't Love
Sad Sixteen
You're Gonna Fall - Bryan Davies, Columbia Records
No Second Chance - Eartha Kitt, RCA Records
I'll Let You Hold My Hand
Never 'Til Now
Dry the Teardrops in Your Eyes - The Bootles, Crescendo Records
Cry It On Out - Jerry Butler, Mercury Records
Blue Skies and Green Lights - Jack Jones, Kapp Records
Gotta Move Along - Don Ho, Warner Bros. Records
Leaves of Grass, Ranwood Records
We're Here for a Good Time, Not for a Long Time - Johnny Lee, Warner Bros. Records
A Bridge Across Forever - John Rowles, RCA Records/ CR Records
Santa Barbara - Randy Carlson, Music 88

Song For Dorothy
One Fine Day
My Favorite Color
Ultimate Exciter… and others - Leslie Lembo, Music 88

Song for Tamara
Vadim’s Dream
That’s A Nice Groove... and others - Moskats, Music 88

A Russian Romance
Goin’ Home
Interlude •?... and others - Moskats 2, Music 88

Song Festivals

American Song Festival - Semi-Finals - 1977/1978/1981 "All My Lifetime"
Hollywood Song Jubilee - Third Place - 1986 "It Feels So Good"
Billboard Song Festival - Semi-Finals - 1988/1993/1994/1996/1997


Guest Appearances
Sydney - Melbourne
Rhythm Round-Up - Graeme Kennedy Show
Juke Box Jury - Melbourne Tonight
Revue 61 Good - Morning Australia
Six O'Clock Rock - Los Angeles
and others - "The Rogues"
"Judy Garland Show"

Host/Performer - Six O'Clock Rock 1961
ABC TV Sydney... and others

Film (Sideline Musician)
"Viva Las Vegas" - 1964
with Elvis Presley/Ann Margaret
"Swingin' School" - 1963
"Palm Springs Weekend” - 1964

Six O'Clock Rock Tours - 1961/1962
Russia - 1998/1999/2001/2002/2003
China - 2000/2003
England - 2000
Australia - 2001/2002/2003

Featured In
"Rock and Roll - Australia" Publisher: Rogers 1975

Other Professional Activities
Photography - Model's Guild, Los Angeles
Art - Watercolor / Mixed Mediums

Special interest automobiles
Current affairs scrapbooks (1958-present)
Jazz and Classical record collections (1910's-1960's)

Golf - Tennis


Peter produces other Artist's music CDs for the Music 88 label.
They are displayed in the CD section of this site and are also available for purchase.